Play to Train is an European project supported by the Erasmus Sport Programme. The project is led by OPES (Organizzazione per L’Educazione allo Sport). OPES promotes and organizes various activities in the field of sport that promotes social inclusion of all people from different backgrounds. OPES implements this project together with its partners Champion Factory and Association Academy Rudi Hiti.
Play to Train overall purpose is to fight for gender equality by increasing the number of women athletes and coaches in sport while also raising awareness to male coaches the importance of gender equality in sport. Play to train will accomplish gender equality in sport by implementing a programme that will involve trainers, mentors and coaches to enhance women’s participation in coaching at grassroots level.
The main objectives of the project are:
- Promote the representation and participation of employed and volunteer female coaches in the workforce at all levels,
- Increase the number of female coaches by creating tools that will encourage and support female coaches preparation by setting an environment which favors their participation,
- Spread awareness about gender equality in sport that will contribute to the development of the sport field and showing all its potential.