OPES Organizzazione per l’Educazione allo Sport
Brief info

OPES is a non-profit Sport Promotion body, recognized by CONI, that cooperates with the affiliated Sport Associations, at local, regional and national level to promote and organize various activities in the field of sport and having social inclusion purposes. Since 1980, OPES has promoted the practice of sport in Italy acquiring an expertise thanks to which it is considered, today, an important ramification and presence around the country. OPES is also a Social Promotion body which implements projects in Italy and abroad with the recognition of the Ministry for Work and Social Policies and the Civic Service Department. OPES focuses much of its attention on youth development and on the acquisition of skills in sports, as well as on the promotion of social and cultural initiatives. Since the year 2006, many of OPES’ projects have strictly focused on activities involving disabled persons or the promotion of sport culture among them.