Coordination and development activities:
Play to Train will coordinate with partners during a kickoff meeting to divide roles and plan the internal deadline. Also, focus on international implementations to analyze existing good practices in Italy, Bulgaria, Slovenia to identify a training format. Play to Train will also research and expand on existing practices to implement a successful programme to enhance women inclusion in sport. This programme will be taught to trainers, mentors, and coaches using the toolkit at national level. Finally, the preparation of a comprehensive document which includes the results of the research.

Implementation and dissemination:
Play to Train will be implemented through the following activities:
- Pilot activities implemented by the trained participants in 3 countries (Italy, Bulgaria, Slovenia),
- Online raising awareness campaign,
- Second training course and international meeting for participants.
During a final conference, it will be presented with the project results to raise awareness on the project outcomes.

Expected Outcomes
Play to Train will create practices and a training format for those practices to empower women and create more women coaches in sport. Play to Train will also create awareness of the gender discrimination in sports and how that affects gender equality in the world.
These international practices to increase women’s presence in sports will develop a toolkit for years to come. It will possess the correct guidelines and educational tools, making it accessible to anyone to support the cause and make their own impact in fighting gender discrimination in sport!